The residential complex "Nitelli's Houses" is located in Skala New Cydonia, 17 km. From the island's capital, Mytilene.

Front of the complex beach extends approximately 1500 m. Of sand and pebbles and crystal clear waters.

The orientation is NE and is located across from the west coast of Turkey, namely Ayvalik.

In less than 500 meters distance, there is a picturesque harbor and restaurants.

The coastal road leading to the complex is paved and lighted.

The complex is situated between the monasteries of St. Raphael and Archangels, which is the only image in the world made of clay and the blood of the monks who were slaughtered during the Turkish occupation.

Other nearby attractions include the picturesque harbor Sikamia the Virgin Mermaid on rock, the Mithimna (Molyvos), Petra, etc.

How to get there / Directions direction

We will be happy to visit Lesbos and hope that you choose us for your stay, here's how to get here and how to find us.

You can visit the island either on boat from Piraeus and Thessaloniki, either by plane from E. Venizelos Athens Airport and from the airport "Macedonia" of Thessaloniki. Also during the summer by charter flights from European and international cities.

The "Nitelli's Houses" is 20 km. From the airport "Odysseas Elytis" and 17 km. From the port of Mytilene.

Nees Kydonies

It is a beautiful traditional Greek village located on a hill with olive trees and has a lovely beach with clear waters and pebble beaches. It has a picturesque harbor serving amateur and professional fishermen that supply fresh local fish Aegean seaside restaurants.

Although New Kydonies is a lively village, the peaceful and tranquil environment is ideal for relaxation and vacation for young and older children.